Say what?! That's amazing!

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My name is Kelly Sturtevant and I’ve known Georgia for several years now. She is the only one I recommend to anyone in the restricted space who is looking to expand their marketing strategies online. Georgia understands the nuances in trying to build platforms for restricted industries on social media. She has extensive knowledge in being able to help these businesses, not only get visible, but in the case that issues came up, she knows…


Working with Georgia was such a game changer in my business. I would not be where I am now, if I had not had her coaching, mentorship and expertise to guide me through building my own business, and really understanding how the pieces came together and work together, it was absolutely invaluable. Georgia helped me develop my niche, she really guided me and asked me questions and has helped me dig deeper than I thought…


“When I hired Georgia it was the first time I had a specialist to work on MY business (I am always working on everyone else’s!) and – WOW! It felt so good and after working with Georgia I had so much clarity! I have implemented some of what she taught me and made income off these teachings, so that’s super exciting! She helped me build out my value ladder and figure out how I could…


“We’ve been working with Georgia for at least a year now and she’s created us all kinds of content. No matter what we’ve thrown at her she has been able to handle it. I feel like good content producers and writers have always been difficult to find but the first piece we got back from Georgia was just amazing. We knew we were onto a winner basically right away and that’s why we have continued…


Georgia is a star! Beyond her wonderful website work, she is lovely to chat to and a joy to work with. Having Georgia by my side has given me that extra push that I desperately needed - my websites no longer feel like a burden. Thank you!

VIOLET KARAMAGI - Accountant for Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers and Therapists

I am constantly blown away by how professional and skilled Georgia is. She sees the big picture goal and how to get you there, as well as the small tweaks that make an instant difference. Georgia's knowledge, skills, drive, and personality make her a pleasure to work with. She is the answer for every business looking to level up their online presence.

LINDSAY STEAD - Gilded Blooms Communications

I just went through the email sequences that you sent me and WOW! I love them! And same with the social media graphics. Gosh! This is above and beyond. A huge thank you for the work you've done on the emails and automation. I am just excited to see potentially how far this whole thing could go. Your work is amazing."

BRUISER BROSEY - Lifestyle Consultant and Coach

Georgia successfully developed several online marketing strategies for our company, including pioneering our involvement in social networking. Furthermore, she has written effective training modules and procedure manuals for our staff and is contracted to produce a further three data-driven eCommerce websites one of which will focus on international business.

GWENDOLINE FORD - Founder at Career Accelerators

Georgia develops a seamless online brand experience that sets her apart in the industry. She is innovative, hard-working and treats each client’s business as though it is her own. She takes the time to get to know each brand so she can really make their voice and vision pop online.

LINDSAY STEAD - Marketing Strategist for Coaches and Wedding Professionals

Georgia is a most reliable and refreshing colleague. She is an absolute joy to work with and I would recommend her to anyone without reservation!

GWENDOLINE FORD - Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist, Educator and Inspirationalist

I've worked with Georgia on a few projects and her expertise in website development and marketing are second to none. She's always a pleasure to work with and someone I turn to when I have questions.

Georgia has a way of eloquently explaining what needs to get done in an efficient and concise way. Her knowledge, patience and communication skills help not only keep the project on time but the team organized.

SARAH HANFORD - Digital Strategist & Chat Bot Queen

Georgia brings a highly innovative approach to problem solving and is able to work and communicate effectively across the breadth and depth of the organisation. Georgia was employed as the lead analyst working on a range of complex data analytic processes and delivered significant beneficial outcomes to our business.

PETER WARD - Contract Management and Commercial Opportunities & Delivery

Georgia handled our project with speed, efficiency and patience. When I needed some specialized coding completed for my client's website, she came to the rescue! I highly recommend Georgia for managing website projects whether large or small!

MELANIE DIEL - Digital Marketing Trainer

Since transforming my web pages I am getting a lot more media enquiries and other people interested in my work too. I am grateful for all the work done! I was also very happy with the initial boost on social media. It would be great to work with your team again on a creative campaign.

DR MICHAEL O'DONOGHUE - Veterinarian and Pet Loss & Grief Advocate