Testimonial for Georgia’s Marketing Strategy & Consultations


Chloe Cristallini

Crush At Social

“When I hired Georgia it was the first time I had a specialist to work on MY business (I am always working on everyone else’s!) and – WOW! It felt so good and after working with Georgia I had so much clarity! I have implemented some of what she taught me and made income off these teachings, so that’s super exciting!

She helped me build out my value ladder and figure out how I could take my big products or big services and chop them up into smaller ones for prospects who wanted to get started with me at maybe a lower price point or on a different level. She was so so so creative!

We sat down for two different sessions – in the first hour she really helped me define my target market / target audience (and being a marketer I felt like I should have already known that but it’s not until you really sit down and do it with someone else, and have a marketing specialist work on YOUR business, that you get to allow yourself the time to really process it and clarify it better) – so that was awesome!

After that we had another session where we went into my Value Ladder and I have already made a couple of ebook and other resources, I have put them online and I have sold some of them! Without Georgia’s help I definitely wouldn’t have done that and I am so excited for our future sessions with Georgia!

If you are considering getting some work done on your Value Ladder then I highly recommend it, it’s going to being you more income, more clarity and just take your business to the next level. Thank you so much for Georgia from GEMO Creative and catch you on our next session together!”

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