Testimonial for Georgia’s Restricted Marketing Expertise

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Kelly Sturtevant

Blue Page Social

My name is Kelly Sturtevant and I’ve known Georgia for several years now. She is the only one I recommend to anyone in the restricted space who is looking to expand their marketing strategies online.

Georgia understands the nuances in trying to build platforms for restricted industries on social media. She has extensive knowledge in being able to help these businesses, not only get visible, but in the case that issues came up, she knows all of the ways to be able to help run through appeals, to help with restricted ad accounts.

She has a passion in dealing with these industry specifically. She is amazing at what she does and anyone in the restricted industry space that needs marketing help would do a disservice to their business if they did not hire Georgia to help them.

Kelly Sturtevant is a Facebook Ads Strategist whose program The Pocket ADvisor helps 6 and 7 figure business owners implement stronger more profitable strategies and generate more revenue from their ad campaigns. Georgia was delighted to provide Kelly Sturtevant’s students and members with ‘The Ultimate Guide To Running FB Ads in Restricted Markets’.

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