Testimonial for Georgia’s Content Creation and Marketing


Jimmy Rose

Content Snare

“We’ve been working with Georgia for at least a year now and she’s created us all kinds of content. No matter what we’ve thrown at her she has been able to handle it.

I feel like good content producers and writers have always been difficult to find but the first piece we got back from Georgia was just amazing. We knew we were onto a winner basically right away and that’s why we have continued to work with her for so long!

Sometimes I’ll send off an email asking for content forgetting to really put enough guidelines for what we’re looking for but Georgia will come with ideas and suggestons right away without being asked and it ends up turning into an amazing peice of content.

She is able to run with basically anything! If you are looking for someone to work with who actually understands your business goals, I highly recommend Georgia and GEMO Creative!”

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