with an *easier*  evergreen video strategy!

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Your business needs a new video strategy!

I can show the secrets to success on TikTok / Reels / Shorts


  • Platform-specific growth strategy
    - bio/profile optimisation
    - custom hashtag bank
    - inbound/outbound engagement
  • Content marketing strategy
    - Your core messaging reverse-engineered into FIRE content calendar incl 100+ personalised video content prompts
    - Tailor-made database of video trends and popular evergreen video recipes (with examples to copy and templates to follow)


  • Performance coaching & support
    Creative direction (from concept to on-camera execution)
    - Movement coaching to find your 'voice' on screen
    - Techniques for "face on" AND "face off" recording styles
  • Workflow optimisation
    - Streamline with recommended editing and publishing tools
    - Access to my ‘Explode Your Exposure’ 4 Step Framework that will revolutionise the way you produce short form video!
    - Taking your existing content and repurpose them into videos (and vice versa) for maximum impact
crissy 277529027_10159460729255733_8254609490944597198_n

"We went to this selfie museum where I used your framework and it really worked! I got so many TikToks recorded and pulled your doc up a few times which helped. Thank you for that!"

Crissy Connor
The Visibility Queen Show, Host
QueenCon, Co-Founder

rachel 273642075_10166286932020088_8074124511127704629_n

"Georgia is an AMAZING TikTok coach! She has an analytical / logistical mind and teaches ME tons about TikTok and algorithms. She's SO good!!"

Rachel Pedersen
The Tok Academy, Founder
The Viral Touch, CEO