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'How To MAKE Money Finding Your Customers (A Crash Course On the Power of Tiny Offers!)' hosted by Georgia Mountford

Attracting customers can be tricky - not to mention expensive. Once you add up the advertising spend, your time creating the content, your time analysing the campaign and the fees for your funnel software - to name a few- it can feel like generating leads actually COSTS your business more than it makes sometimes!  Ouch. There must be a better way...

What if you could create a Tiny Offer that would MAKE YOU MONEY while funneling quality leads into your business? Let Georgia show you how exactly how - with the power of value ladders!

Georgia is a digital marketing strategist and web designer who loves to bring business to life online! With a career ranging from programming & automation to writing/communications and even teaching dance and running a fitness studio - Georgia knows what it's like to be a business owner wearing all the hats! An avid tea drinker you can often find Georgia sitting on the balcony with her puppies, a hot beverage and a good book.

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