The Ultimate Plug'n'Play System for Short-Form "Story Selling" Success

Short-form video is such a powerful vehicle for telling stories that sell!

Grab my 'plug-n-play' story scripts and real-world examples to make telling stories on video a breeeeze!!

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Georgia's trifecta of talent is what you get when you cross the mind of an engineer with the soul of a performing artist, and embed the resulting genius into the heart of a business owner.

An expert marketing strategist, with an eclectic career ranging from programming & automation to freelance journalism to teaching dance and more, Georgia’s unique combination of skills makes her the perfect fit for creative marketing platforms like Tik Tok.

Georgia works 1:1 with clients offering creative direction and marketing strategy and is the dedicated TikTok coach in Rachel Pedersen’s Tok Academy where she supports hundreds of business owners from a wide variety of niches on a weekly basis. Her students have enjoyed tremendous success in growing their accounts thanks to Georgia’s support and strategies, such as: DOUBLING their monthly revenue in just 60 days (and topping it the next month too!), being asked to appear on national television for interviews and demonstrations, hitting TRIPLE their sales target during a launch, and securing featured stories in international media, including all costs-paid journalist visits.

Georgia has been featured in the likes of Influencive magazine and LadBible, spoken on stages at BossCon, QueenCon and WordCamp as well as appearing on popular entrepreneurial podcasts such as Social Media Secrets, Cubicle to CEO and 6-Figure Rebels.

Today, Georgia is on a mission to revolutionise the way business owners produce video marketing content and has developed a 4 Step Framework “Explode Your Exposure” currently being taught exclusively inside The Tok Academy!