Marketing on the Edge: 3-5 Day Live Intensive

Can you see yourself joining me LIVE, in-person, in beautiful Seattle in spring next year?!
Please say OMG YES - I'm sooooo excited to do this with you!!!!

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This is truly a “pinch me- is this really my life?!” moment for me and I’m so honoured to share it with you - because it’s YOU I have to thank for helping to give me this stage. For choosing to invest in my help when you needed my help. For asking me your burning questions so I could find the best solution. For trusting me with your business so that we can all learn. For recommending me to your friends. Thank you.

I'm hosting my favourite LIVE IN-PERSON Intensive Training - and I'd love to see you there!

Come to my event and you’ll learn aaaaaall the tools, tips & tricks you need to be seen and heard online (no matter how stigmatised or marginalised you are!). I’ll even walk you through exactly how to apply them to your own businesses, right there on the spot. There’s also a few SUPER FUN bonus things that my event planner won’t let me announce yet - so maybe you’ll have to attend to find out what those are haha! x x

Requesting the pleasure of your company at:

Marketing on the Edge

WHAT: Multi-Day Live Training Event
             (for business owners, change makers, marketers and creators)

WHERE: The Edgewater Hotel, Pier 66, Seattle Washington, USA

WHEN:  Tue 26 March - Fri 29 March 2024

              ▪ 3 Day Intensive Training (Tue, Wed & Thu)
              ▪ plus optional meet'n'greet the evening before (Mon)
              ▪ and an exclusive additional day for VIP ticket holders (Fri)

Why am I
doing this?

Well, for one thing - I’m tired of hearing “facebook doesn’t let me…X” or “I can’t advertise Y on instagram” when the truth is - you can do SOoOo much more than you think! (When you have the right tools and know-how... and I'm finally ready to share my secrets!)

Helping people bend the rules and skirt the system - WITHOUT getting stuck in social media jail! - is my jam. But working 1:1 remotely with business owners facing restrictions with their marketing, was starting to get untenable. (Still waiting for my clone.)

So, that’s why I am so thrilled to be sending you this invitation.

This March, I am hosting a multi-day LIVE event called Marketing on the Edge, because after all isn’t that what we do?

You market to the world something that is otherwise hush hush - and you're changing people's lives because of it!

I love you for that.

And me? Well, I'm on a mission to help boundary-pushing, world-changing people (like you) be SEEN and HEARD as you deserve. I've dedicated my marketing agency to help amplify the voices those who face censorship or stigma in their business.

So, because we have the history and connection that we do, I am delighted to offer you my TOP SECRET special rate (for a limited time only!) that most other people will never have access to. You're worth it.



This will be waaaaay more than a workshop.

I'm making this a multi-day retreat where we can (finally!) connect in person, I can pour my knowledge and expertise right into you and  ultimately get you unstuck in your business, no matter how hopeless your marketing roadblocks may seem!

Here’s what I’m planning on teaching during the intensive:

  • the #1 way I drive PAID traffic to 'borderline' businesses (without breaking the rules!)
  • my faaave organic content marketing strategies (that still work for censored spaces)
  • how you can recover from a shadowban and make sure people still see your content
  • exactly what is and isn't allowed in FB ads (you can say more than you think!)
  • how I appeal rejected ads and get them approved (including SCRIPTS for you!)
  • warning signs your account is at risk (and how to safeguard against losing it)
  • the low down on influencers, PR, free vs paid media and more - in 2023
  • real-world example campaigns from top brands in sensitive spaces
  • how I protect my clients from losing access to their accounts
  • short form video hacks for an endless supply of (effortless!) evergreen social content
  • the "Year On A Page"  annual planning method my VIP clients *love*

.... and SO. MUCH. MORE!

Pssst..! We have reserved a number of guest rooms at the hotel where we will be hosting the event - so no need to organise your own accommodation if you don’t want to. And in fact, your room fee is *already included* if you book a VIP ticket. Yep, your stay could be on me!

Indulge in the VIP Experience

  • 4 Star Accommodation x 4 Nights
  • Exclusive VIP Breakfast on the Edge
  • plus 1:1 Hotseat with Georgia

...and plenty more magic, especially for YOU!

Ready? Brilliant!

Choose your experience:

BFCM Special: $500 OFF!


GOLD TICKET: 3+ Day Live Intensive (Seattle, WA)



VIP TICKET: 4-5 Day Live Intensive 👑 (Seattle, WA) + incl accommodation